Verbal Charity

Episode 84: Verbal Charity

Join Brian, Codar and Terrence as they enjoy the sound of their own voices and “interview” @BigShowUBS in Las Vegas.


This is going to be the first of several episodes that are blasting onto the internet and into your ear holes this week. I realize we’ve said stuff like this before, but this time we mean it.

With “Big Show” Matt Schafer in Las Vegas, Brian and Codar are joined by “The Mayor of Sun Prairie” Terrence (@terrenceisdaman) for a podcast featuring massage horror stories, Top Hooker and, wherein, we ask the question, does the carpet match the grapes? It’s another scattershot show that brings the funny

All of that and much more on Episode 84: Verbal Charity. Remember, you can join in the con­ver­sa­tion on Twit­ter (@unadul­ter­at­edbs), Face­book, or in the comments section below.

Show Credits

Producer: Brian Dunkel
Co-hosts: Brian Dunkel, Cody Veerhusen & Terrence
Music: Lee Rosevere

Presenting Sponsor: Capital Brewery

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